F+L Week 2019 | Edward Ng | An award-winning lubricant solution to the siloxane problem in landfill gas applications

Price: $1000

The combustion of siloxanes present in landfill gas generates crystalline silica which sticks to hot surfaces of engine parts causing pre-ignition and increased oil consumption. This leads to shortened top-end overhaul intervals which decreases engine availability, resulting in lost revenues for engine owners. Current solutions to the siloxane problem, such as scrubbers or decoking, are costly or require downtime. In 2017, the Lubrizol Corporation launched an additive package specifically formulated to control silica deposits originating from siloxanes in landfill gas. Caterpillar granted approval on Lubrizol® SG9L60 based on a field trial which required no engine decoking and delivered a 50% reduction in oil consumption. Yearly cost savings were estimated at USD62,500 per engine. Lubrizol SG9L60 contains novel chemistry which prevents the agglomeration of SiOx species and keeps them suspended in the oil; thus significantly reducing the negative effects of siloxanes. This innovative product was awarded F&L Asia’s Product Development of the Year Award in 2018.