F+L Week 2019 | Monica Ford | New product development in the face of a changing world

Price: $50

As we approach the third decade of the 21st century, it is becoming more evident that innovation is no longer as simple as developing a new product and introducing it into the market. Technology is rapidly progressing, resulting in the need for metal- working fluids and additives that can last longer and deliver better performance in more challenging environments. Machinery is constantly advancing to produce more parts in less time. Machinists are seeing metallurgies that are more challenging to work and protect. The regulatory landscape is becoming more complex in countries around the globe. And as we approach the next decade, citizens, companies and countries are becoming more conscious of and dedicated to the idea of greater sustainability. In this presentation, we will expound on these potential roadblocks in the development of new additives for metalworking fluid applications and suggest various routes to go around or even eliminate said roadblocks.