F+L Week 2019 | Magda Williams | Data-supporting product line management

Price: $50

The hyper-competitive oil and chemical industry is constantly evolving and demanding improved profitability, stronger competition, and, at the same time reduced costs. OATS, the leading provider of innovative data solutions for the oil industry, has introduced an analytical business service that transforms lubricant, equipment and market information into solutions that enhance and support critical market decisions. OATS Analytics solutions are designed to support and enhance decisions concerning product lines, inventories, new lubricant introductions, product demand analysis, etc. Analysis is shown to improve new product development; evaluation of existing products; estimation of new market opportunities; product rationalization impacts or competitive positioning. Techniques to be demonstrated include concentrating on popular grades and eliminating or introducing products based on actual industry data, not speculation. Indicative examples of OATS case studies will be presented to illustrate how our clients benefit- ed by optimising product portfolios, reducing costs and improving customer retention.