F+L Week 2019 | Aileen Valera | Dorf Ketal performance fuel additives – Game changing and dynamic technology

Price: $50

Fuel quality becomes more important as more emphasis is given to improved energy efficiency and better air quality. Performance fuel additives continue to play a key role in fuel quality enhancement, which supports the global energy thrust and the technical marketing needs of the oil industry. Consistent with its commitment to innovation, Dorf Ketal Chemicals developed its new line of performance fuel additives. The addition of mph and milEx brands to the company’s product portfolio combined with the global footprint of Dorf Ketal for oil production, refining, petrochemicals, fuel additives, lubricant additives and catalysts ensures that Dorf Ketal is now uniquely placed to provide a one stop solution, “Crude In” to “Fuel Out”, to its global customer base. milEx and mph performance fuel additives are formulated with special cutting-edge components, which keep engines clean and protect the entire fuel system, restore engine power, acceleration, fuel economy and reduce engine out emissions. Dorf Ketal multi- functional additives can help fuel marketers improve and customize their offerings and create brand identity by differentiating the product attributes of their fuels for the retail sector.