F+L Week 2018 | Zhang Chenhui | Lubricant requirements of metalworking industry in China

F+L Week 2018
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Metalworking lubricants are widely used in machining ferrous and nonferrous metals in the field of automobile, aeronautics and astronautics, shipbuilding, electronics and so on. China is the largest manufacturing country in the world with the largest production and sales of steel and main nonferrous metals and engineering machines. The rapid development of the industries related to metalworking has greatly promoted the growth of metalworking fluid consumption in China. It has been estimated that the consumption of metalworking fluid is about 500-700 tons per year in China, which makes China the biggest market of metalworking fluids in the world. The market requirement of metalworking fluids is still increasing at an annual rate of 7%-20%. According to the machining procedure, metalworking fluids can be classified to metal forming fluid, metal cutting fluid, metal treatment fluid and metal protection fluid. Metal forming fluid and metal cutting fluid represent more than 80% of the metalworking fluids market. With the implementation of the “Made in China 2025” plan, the Chinese manufacturing industry will move towards the direction of high end, smart, green, energy saving, sustainable development, which puts forward higher requirements for efficiency, accuracy and surface quality in metalworking. As a result, the lubrication in metalworking has become more and more important, and great challenges are facing metalworking fluids. In addition, with the increasing concern on health and environment, nitrites, diethanol amines (DEA) and chlorinated paraffins are limited to be used in metalworking fluid to make it more friendly to human health and environment, which makes it more difficult in formulation development and maintenance of the metalworking fluid. At present, the market requirement of metalworking lubricants is huge and still increasing. Both opportunities and challenges exist in the metalworking lubricant industry in China.