F+L Week 2018 | Yang Guofeng | The Development of Chinese D1-2019 Diesel Engine Oil Specification Standard

F+L Week 2018
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In recent years, with the fast development of independent technology on heavy-duty diesel engine design and production, China’s engine OEM industry has a strong desire for a tailor-made Chinese heavy-duty diesel engine oil specification to meet local engine lubrication requirements. The equivalent adaption of the API engine oil specifications is no longer suitable for the current situation in China. A new heavy-duty engine oil category requirement from Chinese OEMs has paved the way for the formation of an innovation Alliance to develop a local lubricant specification. This partnership is strengthening local automotive-oil industry cross industry cooperation. The China D1 heavy- duty diesel engine oil specification is scheduled for national release in 2019. Engine test method development is in progress, with the establishment of matrix tests and pass/fail criteria slated to begin in 2018.