F+L Week 2018 | Vincent Gatto | MOLYVAN® Organo- Molybdenum Additives: Time Tested and New Technologies for Engine Oils and Greases

F+L Week 2018
Price: $25

Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC provides a variety of unique additives to formulators across all segments of lubrication. Drawing from over 100 years of industrial experience, Vanderbilt Chemicals offers an array of organometallic products as solutions to our customers in automotive, industrial and grease applications. Of Vanderbilt’s products, the MOLYVAN product line is a particularly important area of our business. Vanderbilt Chemicals has extensive experience in the preparation and formulation of organomolybdenum additives aiming to deliver the desired performance while effectively balancing the cost. To better meet some of the most challenging issues in today’s industries, Vanderbilt Chemicals is introducing OCD-419. OCD- 419 is a new, sulfur- and phosphorus- free organomolybdenum product that is globally registered and offers the same multifunctional performance as MOLYVAN® 855 at a reduced cost to our customers. OCD-419 contains 10 % molybdenum and provides the same frictional, anti-wear and secondary antioxidancy performance as MOLYVAN® 855 all at a lower overall treat rate. This presentation will highlight the entire MOLYVAN product line of Vanderbilt Chemicals and introduce OCD-419.