F+L Week 2018 | Valentina Serra-Holm | The European Lubricant Market – An Overview

F+L Week 2018
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The European Lubricants Industry Association’s (UEIL) market statistics provide a comprehensive view of the European lubricant industry, by supplementing official data from countries where they are made available with estimates calculated based on a sophisticated algorithm. The model is based on several independent variables and the sources of data that feed the model are wide-ranging, in order to provide a solid foundation for an accurate estimate. For industrial lubricants, the model takes into account the nature of industrial production in terms of what is made and how it is made and the amount of ‘value added’ that each country brings to its industrial production, as this is of crucial importance to understand the way lubricants are used in different ways – from metalworking to industrial gears and hydraulics. For automotive lubricants, the model takes into consideration different drivers of behavior underpinning vehicle use in a country, starting with the number of vehicles in use, the types of vehicle movements, the nature of vehicle use such as car sharing, the ways in which vehicles are maintained and the age of the car population, which are all factors impacting upon automotive lubricant consumption. This presentation provides an overview of the European lubricant market, with key figures and analysis of the trends, with special focus on the major markets in the region. The challenges that the European lubricant industry is facing, from e-mobility to 3D printing, but also the opportunities represented by a continuous drive towards quality and sustainability will be discussed, concluding with a general outlook for the entire industry.