F+L Week 2018 | Teri Kowalski | ILSAC GF-6 with a slight detour

F+L Week 2018
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The test development for GF-6 is essentially complete and everyone is anxious to move on to the next steps of the GF-6 category. It has been a long struggle to get to this point and the introduction of GF-6 is in sight, but with the ACC Technical Demonstration Period and the API Mandatory Waiting Period the introduction of GF-6 could still be 18 to 24 months away. However, the test for qualifying oils for LSPI-resistance, and the technology needed to formulate oils to be LSPI- resistant are available today, and the auto and oil industries would be remiss if they did not take advantage of these capabilities to allow an earlier introduction of engine oils that are capable of reducing or eliminating Low-Speed Pre-Ignition. The efforts to introduce a supplemental category, API SN-Plus, is a detour on the way to GF-6, but it will introduce the defining characteristic of GF-6, LSPI-resistance in oils, up to two years ahead of GF-6. With GF-6 and API SN-Plus working on parallel paths, ILSAC is expecting that API SN-Plus will not add any further delay to GF-6, since the OEMs are looking forward to the other needed oil improvements included in GF-6, especially increased fuel economy. The presentation will cover an up- to-date review of both GF-6 and API SN-Plus including proposed Pass/ Fail performance requirements for the various engine tests. In addition, activities have already begun for performing a critical review of the engine oil category development process that should lead to a more efficient pathway to the development of future engine oil categories.