F+L Week 2018 | Siva Kasturi | OEM Perspectives – Indian Market

F+L Week 2018
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Equipment reliability, operation challenges, energy efficiency, fuel economy and downtime are major focus areas and drivers for many OEMs. As India’s industrial production is in an upwardly trend since the last five years, Indian OEMs are focusing more on addressing these huge challenges and working with end customers very closely. This presentation shares the perspective of Indian OEMs and growth journeys of OEMs in addressing some of these key challenges. The key trends in industrial lubricants are driven by extended drain intervals, new legislations and changing specifications of OEMs, key demands from OEMs and end users on energy efficiency, increased power output and extended equipment life. Some of the key OEM trends relating to industrial gearboxes and hydraulic equipment are increases in power density (size reduction and output increase), energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact (control of leakage, noise and environment-friendly fluids). In Industrial gearboxes, there has been a dramatic change in size and weight over the last decade to smaller gear boxes with the same power output, speeds and torque. Lubricants play a critical role throughout the lifetime of equipment maintenance and operational criticality. Under today’s diverse operations where severe conditions of varied temperatures, environmental challenges, high loads including peak loading are the new norm, the equipment is even more challenged. The demand from OEMs and end customers for better quality lubricants with longer life, leads to technology developments in the lubricants industry. Engineering technology has improved significantly in the past few years with a corresponding impact on the improvement of lubricant quality. Improving engine and lubricant technology has resulted in the decline in the lube for fuel ratio. In India, improving lubricant technology has progressively increased the drain life of lubricants.