F+L Week 2018 | Matthias Hof | What Impact Does the Drive to Sustainability Have on Innovation?

F+L Week 2018
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Sustainability has been a term used in various industries over the last years. While there are several interpretations and understandings of this term there is common believe that sustainability could be one of the drivers for product innovations in the near future. The most obvious effect of grown interest can be seen in the increased awareness for ecolabels. One of the most recognized labels is the European Ecolabel, which is currently undergoing a review. While sustainability can be one important factor in the development of lubricant products the performance level is certainly the other key criteria. Leveraging both properties will be a demanding and challenging process in the development of new formulations. This talk will highlight how selecting the right base stock technology can contribute to combine both environmental and performance advantages. Some key technical parameters like stability, low temperature performance and wear protection can benefit from the fitting base oil, which will be demonstrated as well.