F+L Week 2018 | Alina Li | Improved Sustainability, More Power, Longer life with Metallocene-Based Polyalphaolefins (mPAO)

F+L Week 2018
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Access to energy is paramount to improving people’s standards of living – it helps promote economic growth, which means that a large number of people can be lifted out of poverty. It is estimated that 1.3 billion people today have no access to electricity whatsoever [1]. However, in a world where somewhere between one-fourth and one-third of all energy produced is consumed by friction [2]; a significant part of the world’s resources is wasted. Lubrication, which reduces friction, reduces power loss and is therefore critical to improving energy efficiency. Synthetic base stocks represent a cost-efficient alternative versus mineral base oils to improve energy efficiency in many applications. ExxonMobil Chemical’s SpectraSynTM polyalphaolefin (PAO) and SpectraSyn EliteTM metallocene PAO (mPAO) base stocks can improve energy efficiency in formulated finished oils in several ways:

  • Their higher viscosity index allows them to maintain film thickness at high temperatures, maintaining protection and good flow at low temperatures, which reduces churning and pumping losses;
  • They have low traction coefficients that reduce internal shearing losses under elastohydrodynamic (EHD) conditions

This paper will show that SpectraSyn EliteTM mPAO builds on synthetic base oil advantages providing energy efficiency (reduce power losses) benefits using lower viscosity grades with no impact on wear protection versus mineral oil. SpectraSyn EliteTM mPAO solutions enable formulators to develop next- generation lubricants offering enhanced film thickness and energy efficiency while maintaining equipment durability. [1] International Energy Authority [2] Global energy consumption due to friction in passenger cars, transportation and industry.