F+L Week 2018 | Adri van de Ven | Enhancing Compliance with Quality Standards in Automotive Lubricants

F+L Week 2018
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Lubricants are critical components for the efficient, reliable and sustainable operation of the transport and manufacturing sectors. These sectors are increasingly subject to environmental, societal and legal pressures to satisfy requirements for improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions and a reduced carbon footprint. In response, quality and performance of base oils and lubricants have significantly improved over time to meet the challenges of an ever more demanding customer base. These pressures are not expected to diminish in the foreseeable future and we expect that there will be a stronger emphasis on the industry to demonstrate the claimed performance in practice. This will make the establishment of systems that enhance consistent compliance with quality requirements critical. This presentation will discuss the technological and legislative changes driving quality and what steps ATIEL has taken to establish a credible system that monitors compliance with the ACEA European Oil Sequences and what implications this will have for the industry.