F+L Week 2017 | Jake Bredsguard | Estolides Closing the Gap Between Performance and Sustainability

F+L Week 2017
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Estolides have gained much recognition over the years as an environmentally acceptable lubricant. Companies all over the globe test estolides and do work on creating formulations with them in anticipation of commercial availability. These companies are excited by the estolide for both its low impact on the environment and its unique performance capabilities, allowing the formulation of environmentally friendly products. This presentation will detail the new properties and uses of the estolide that has been investigated over the last two years. New research on estolides has given light to strong performance properties, even without the help of additives. The environmental benefits of the estolide have been further proven both as a base oil and in formulations. New developments have been made in the technology, giving rise to new products and different viscosity grades, opening the environmental benefits to new applications. There is still much room for exploration in this technology and as research continues, its market interest continues to grow.